Speak Up, Step Up, Do Your Part

Change can begin with one person, one voice, and one action. 2 A Billion, Bon Iver, and our nonprofit partners have identified steps everyone can take to do their part in this cause.

Recognizing Abuse

Physical harm or intimidation: Using force or intimidation of force against a person, their loved ones, or their pets.

Emotional Abuse: Insults, restrictive and controlling behavior such as limiting time with friends and family, telling a partner they are dependent or worthless without them, or any other actions that aim to cause emotional harm and dependence.

Abuse may also take the form of financial manipulation, sexual coercion, or digital harassment. Bottom line, if an individual feels unsafe or trapped in a relationship, abuse may be occurring. Learn more about the being an active bystander, behaviors of an abusive partnerand warning signs.


Make a financial contribution to one of our partners. These organizations are doing incredible work providing services for survivors and advocating for a future without sexual abuse, domestic violence, and gender inequality. Explore all of our partners here or view some highlights below.